Friday, June 26, 2009

New Products for 2009

Hello from Coulee View Family Farm!

We have begun to use a new source to process our inspected chicken. The new processor has the ability to turn the chicken into some different offerings for us. So, in addition to whole chicken, we now have quartered chicken (great for the grill), boneless chicken breast, wing packages and leg/thigh packages. We are also growing two different types of meat chicken (Red Broiler and Rosambro) and the previously mentioned cuts are available from each type of chicken.

Also new are ground chicken, chicken breakfast links, ground bratwurst (for making brat patties), BBQ croquettes and regular croquettes. A croquette is a small fried roll that tastes like a breading roll. These are pre-cooked by our processor and frozen. To prepare, just thaw and place in a 350F oven for 10 to 15 minutes.

I've pasted our price list at the end of this email

Our chicken is available form the farm by appointment. When we can make it, we will also be at the Thursday night farmer's market in Gays Mills and the Saturday morning Prairie du Chien farmer's market at Blackhawk Junction. We will be set up at the PdC market this Saturday morning. Since we just had a batch of Red Broilers processed, we do have a selection of fresh Red Broiler chicken that has been kept refrigerated but never frozen. We will also have the other chicken products that are listed as "in stock" in our price list below.

If there is local interest, we could also start a weeknight drop-off somewhere in Prairie du Chien. Contact us if this is of interest to you.

Here is a good description of the Red Broiler and Rosambro chicken:
Red Broilers (slow growth). Our Red Broilers are grown to an age between ten and thirteen weeks old. This longer growing period results in a deeper, superior tasting chicken that our grandparents would actually recognize as chicken. Because they grow slower, the Red Broilers do not suffer from the Cornish Cross's myriad of health problems. They also forage better which makes them better suited to being raised in a day range system. Day ranging means that they will be surrounded by a large electric fence netting to keep out the predators that like our chickens as much as we do, but they will be free to roam the open area inside the netting. The netting is easily movable and will be moved occasionally to make sure that the chickens have access to new greens and bugs. The slower growing nature of these chickens will mean more labor and feed are required which will result in a slightly higher price, but we think that the vastly superior flavor is worth it.

Rosambro Broilers (medium-growth). Our Rosambro broilers are grown to an age between eight and ten weeks old. The Rosambro is a new breed also offered by MT-DI Hatchery. This bird has many of the same benefits as the Red Broiler with somewhat faster growth than the Red Broiler (but slower that the Cornish Cross). Like the Red Broiler, we raise our Rosambro in a day range system. The flavor of the Rosambro falls between the Red Broiler and the Cornish Cross.

This begs the question: by our definitions, What would a "fast-growth" chicken be?
Cornish Cross Broilers (fast growth). Cornish Cross (also called Cornish Rock) is an extremely fast growing chicken that is processed between six and eight weeks. This is the large breasted chicken commonly found in our food system. The extreme growth rate of this bird causes some health problems such as weak legs, heart attacks, congestive heart failure (ascites), poor foraging ability and poor heat tolerance. The fast growth rate also makes the Cornish Cross ineligible for the Animal Welfare Approved program which we aspire to join, so we will discontinue raising the Cornish Cross.

2009 Poultry Pricing
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