Sunday, July 12, 2009

Figuring the Cost of a Whole, Half or Quarter Hog

Here is how to figure the cost of a whole, half or quarter hog:

There are the hog cost and the processing costs.
Processing Costs. Here are some of processing costs from our hogs from 2009:
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To summarize the data, there is a $24 kill fee plus $0.34 per pound is charged to cut and package the meat. Additionally, there is a cost of $0.75 per pound to smoke bacon and a cost of $0.55 per pound to smoke ham.

So assuming a 220 lb* hanging weight** hog. the processing cost*** would be about a $135 for a whole hog, $67.50 for a half hog, and $33.75 for a quarter hog.

* This is a target weight, because the weights of these hogs vary at slaughter time, actual hanging weights (and costs) will vary.
** Hanging Weight is the animal less the insides prior to cutting.
*** Processing costs are based on last season's cost. I'll check to see if these costs have increased.

Hog Cost. The hog cost would be figured as follows (hog prices updated 3/21/11):

Whole: $2.45/lb * 220 lb = $539 plus $135 processing brings the total to $674
You can figure about 155 to 165 lbs of meat from a whole hog.
If we had this cut up the same we we have in the past, you would get approximately 15
lbs of bacon, 19 lbs of smoked ham roast, 19 lbs of smoked ham steak (I like to have this cut thick so it is like another smoked ham - makes great hot ham and cheese), 2 - 1/4 lb tenderloin, 41 lbs of pork chops, 3 lbs of liver, 24 lbs of shoulder steak, 9 - 1/2 lbs of shoulder roast, 6 lbs of spare ribs, 8 - 3/4 lbs of hocks (we get ours fresh, but this can be smoked), 12 lbs of seasoned pork sausage,

Half: $2.45/lb * 110 lb = $269.50 plus $67.50 processing brings the total to $337
Qrtr: $2.55/lb * 55 lb = $140.25 plus $33.75 processing brings the total to $174

Also, note that our butcher double wraps; plastic first, then paper. This means that the final product keeps very well in the freezer - well over a year.

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